Monday, February 15, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday--Red

The theme today for Muffin Tin Monday is RED. I admit, I like the color themes. I can do the color themes. I get the color themes. Some of the others I struggle with, but colors? Usually they are easy (just don't ask me to do blue. There are very few blue foods).
Muffin Tin Monday
Kiddo and Kutey helped me come up with the list of foods that were red. Kutey's contribution was the red bell pepper. It is one of her favorite foods, but not one I remembered until I asked her what we should have! Both kids wanted strawberries. It is so far from strawberry season here, however, that even what we can get in the store isn't very good! We settled for Sunrise Salad that used some of the berries we froze last summer.

Here is Kiddo's:
Muffin Tin Monday
Top; Sunrise Salad, M & M's, Sunrise Salad, Easy Peasy Cherry Cobbler.
Middle: pepperoni (which will probably be considered orange next week!), strawberry yogurt with red and heart sprinkles, repeat.
Bottom: red bell pepper, red apple, repeat.

Here is Kutey's:
Muffin Tin Monday
Kutey doesn't like the cobbler, so she didn't have any. I am certainly not going to force her to eat something that has very little nutritional value in the first place!

Red was fun! I can't wait to see what the kids come up with for orange next week!


JDaniel4's Mom said...

The sunrise salad sounds interesting. Nice Tin.

Christy said...

Cute! I should have my kids help decide what goes in our tin next time!

w said...

love it. color themes are hard for me. you did a great job!

The Activity Mom said...

Awesome! I was unprepared for red but I'm going to be ready for orange. =)

Wonder Mom said...

Thanks for posting the recipe- I believe I will have to try this out...

Kristie Clower said...

Very cute. I love the sunrise salad.