Monday, February 8, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday--Themeless 4

It is Muffin Tin Monday, again! I have missed posting several of these, so I am adding them slowly. Last week's Dr. Seuss theme is here! The kids loved that one. We might just have it again on Dr. Seuss's actual birthday!

Here is this weeks, though.
muffin tin monday

There was no theme, so I let the kids decide what they wanted. One week in January they actually filled their own tins. This time, they just told me what they wanted and I filled them up. Kiddo was determined to have chips in his and kept emptying a space for them. In the end he didn't get chips, and was still pleased as punch to eat the contents of his tin.

We had cornbread muffins (leftover from the Super B*wl dinner we had), dried fruit (a new favorite of Kiddo's), yogurt, crackers with cream cheese, pepperoni, cheese, and applesauce.

I'm looking forward to the color themes. I love that green will fall St. Patrick's Day week. We'll be having a couple of green meals that week! Join in the fun!


JDaniel4's Mom said...

I haven't tried dried fruit yet. Nice tins.

schmobes said...

We do apricots, prunes, and cranberries regularly. When I get to Trader J*e's, we get mango, cherries, and apples. It is great, because the fresh fruit season is awfully short around here!

w said...

i think that's a great idea - letting them fill it (or decide) themselves!