Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine math--a little late

I bought conversation hearts before Valentine's day with the intention of using them for all sorts of fun school things, math specifically. But, well, we never got to it. Our playgroup was canceled today, so we had more free time than usual. So we played with some hearts!

I gave Kiddo and Kutey each a bowl of hearts (about 25 each). They sorted them onto their papers. I gave them some room to decide how they wanted to do it, as long as the general idea was followed. Kiddo made lines between his and put a stamp in each space to represent each candy. Kutey had hers all on her paper, then did the lines like her brother. Notice that one pink heart in the purple column? She didn't like the empty column, so she told me she was going to put the pink one there. She knew it wasn't right, but the empty column wasn't either. Then we did some math, compared columns, figured out which columns added together to equal which other columns, etc. Then, of course, we ate some hearts--though not all of them. Kiddo loved this activity. He asked if we could do this everyday!

You can download the heart graphing sheet here.

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