Thursday, February 18, 2010


After our Sunrise Salad on Monday, Kiddo was curious about how Jell-o works. Yeah, I don't know either. That is what the internet is for, right? Well, sort of. I found some explanations, but not exactly what I was looking for. If I had given it more time, I might have found more.

I did, however, find this nifty little experiment on non-Newtonian fluids.


We made slime! And it was so fun to play with! You can stir it slowly, but it becomes more viscous the faster you stir it. If you squeeze it in your hand it becomes almost solid, but then when you open your hand, it runs out again. It was great!


Kiddo wasn't sure he wanted to touch it (he has this thing about not liking sticky hands), but Kutey and I apparently made it look like fun, so he joined in. This was both educational and fun, but the kids loved the mess they could make. I didn't worry about it, it is just cornstarch and water! I made a half batch. I would make a full batch, though, and divide it into two so the kids could each have their own bowl to play in.

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