Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Book Sharing Monday--Poetry Speaks to Children

April is National Poetry Month. What better time to dig out the poetry books! It is good to be reminded to pull them out periodically; sometimes they get forgotten. This one was especially forgotten! It was new for Christmas, but this is the first we have read from it since then.


Poetry Speaks to Children is a compilation of a variety of poems by a variety of authors from contemporary to classic. There are a variety of forms, topics, and styles represented, making it a great jumping off book for talking about such things, should you desire. We are mostly just into reading the different poems at this point.


And some of the poems in this book are just plain fun. The book also comes with a CD with readings of some of the poems. Some are read by the authors, some not. We haven't broken out the CD yet, maybe later this week. It is a nice option to have, though. I love hearing authors read their own works; it gives you a peek into their perspective on the work.

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jugglingpaynes said...

That is one of our favorites to use for storytelling!

I do recommend listening to the CD. It is really neat to hear how the actual poets read their work.

Peace and Laughter,