Friday, April 15, 2011

Titanic Study and LEGOS

Kiddo adores Magic Treehouse Research Guides. He likes the fiction books, but he LOVES the Research Guides. They are his current go to read. This week he read the American Revolution and The Titanic. Once he reads them, we go to the website, take the quiz, and he gets a stamp in his passport. He loves that.

I love how he reads these books and feels the need to share what he has learned, "Did you know...?" I hear this many, MANY times when he is reading. I love it!

On Thursday he finished Titanic. As he was announcing his progress (another one of the things that makes reading these fun), I started looking for things to further explore the Titanic. In my search I came across History Channel's Titanic information. So once he read the book, he took the quiz, and we perused the website. I was glad Kutey was upstairs resting, because the information might have been a little intense for her. Kiddo handled it all well, though. The Titanic Interactive section was my favorite. There are survivor stories in that area that added a more in depth touch. Did you know that there was a stewardess, Violet Jessop, who survived the Titanic sinking AND the sinking of the Britannic during World War I? The ships were both part of the White Star Line. Violet continued to work on ships through her life. I am not sure I would have ever wanted to get on another ship after Titanic.

Kiddo also built a mini-Titanic from LEGOS. This was all his idea. He started it on Tuesday, when he first picked up the book. He was intrigued by the double layer hull and the watertight compartments. Once he finished reading, he thought he should build a bigger version, a better version. It hasn't happened yet, but it likely will soon!



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jugglingpaynes said...

Your son would have loved the LEGO event we went to today! There were two LEGO Titanics! The more impressive one was at least three feet long from bow to stern and it seemed like every LEGO mini-figure imaginable was on board. There were even two figures on the bow reenacting the scene from the movie "Titanic." Unfortunately, there were not enough life boats... ;o)

Peace and Laughter,

Michele said...

That is a cool Titanic! Thanks for linking up last week!
We have been reading about the titanic during our robot study (finding the titanic via robots) we are working on. The boys are very interested in the Titanic. Thanks for the neat links!