Friday, April 29, 2011

LEGO Aquarium

Our trip the aquarium earlier this week had a big impact on Kiddo, apparently. I often find out how important or exciting something is to him by what he builds out of LEGOS. This week was no different.


He built an aquarium! So FUN! He had tanks for the octopus, seahorses, and fish.

Seahorses! There was even a find the seahorses game!

I demanded requested he add jellyfish. We did, after all, go to the aquarium specifically to see the jellyfish. He obliged.

Jellyfish tanks!

I love when he does these things. He just reinforces his learning, which is so great.

If you like LEGOS, be sure to check out our trip to the totally redone LEGO store! The new creations are pretty amazing.

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Michele said...

I love the aquarium!! Very cool and creative! Thanks for linking up last week!