Thursday, April 14, 2011

A long Wednesday

Wednesday was one of those days where things just flowed. Kiddo worked through his math and spelling (Explode the Code 6 words while we wait for book 7 to arrive). He read, he did Spanish, we did history, including quite a bit of extra exploration on the computer. Kutey read another book to me, played a game on Starfall, and did Spanish, too! She sat with us while we did history. Around lunch time, Kutey started complaining that her throat was "dry," kid-speak for sore. She went to lay down without eating lunch. I suspected it was a cold, maybe allergies, nothing more.

Kiddo and I continued our day. He participated in CurrClick's Lego club focused on simple machines. I learned that I don't need to order pieces if we don't have them for the build. I did that this time, but they have yet to arrive. Kiddo managed to do all the builds anyway. He modified them on the fly to fit the pieces he had. Yep, that'll teach me. I have pictures, but since the second meeting hasn't happened yet, I can't post them. Once the last one has happened, I'll post the pictures along with some of the other things we did to extend our learning.

I checked in on Kutey at this point. She was still not herself. I let her watch some TV, and Kiddo and I moved on to nature study. That's right, we managed to get in NATURE STUDY! It helps that we have sort of skipped science since we don't have the correct equipment, or even equipment that will work.

Our nature study for the day consisted of going out an sketching leaf buds on three different trees in our yard. We also measured them and recorded the weather conditions. The idea is to do this every couple of days until the leaves have come out fully. The idea is from Journey North. They have some great stuff there! The weather was cool. As we were sketching our final leaf buds, it started to sprinkle! So we dashed back inside to avoid getting too wet.

When we came in, I went to see Kuety again, and she said she was done with TV. I knew something was up then. She never wants me to turn off the TV. But I did. She wanted me, so I was holding her as she complained that her brain hurt--kid-speak for a headache. Then it happened. She told me she needed to throw up, so we beat it to the bathroom. Afterward I took her temp. 101. Again? Sigh. Somewhere in the back of my head, though, I remembered that vomiting and a sore throat are symptoms of strep. So I called my friend, who is a ped. nurse practitioner. Her response was what I suspected. The upside, if it was strep, antibiotics would make her feel much, MUCH better. We had to wait for hubby to get home, and Kutey was ready for a nap, anyway.

I decided the best plan was to try out Target Clinic. They handle strep tests, and it is less than half the cost of going to the clinic. At this point, it was either there or urgent care not at our clinic. Urgent care is more expensive yet. Given I was 90% certain it was strep, Target seemed the best option. Hubby and Kiddo came with, because Kutey was threatening to throw up again. I needed to sit with her. She made it all the way to the clinic, then threw up all over me, all over her, all over the floor. Sigh. Here is where being at Target was helpful. I sent hubby to buy her clothes. Anything that was cheap and would fit. Once we were checked in, they took us to the exam room, where the nurse practitioner diagnosed strep before the test even came back calling her a classic case. The test came back positive before we left the office. She sent the prescription straight to the pharmacy--another benefit to being at Target. Kutey and I went to the car, Hubby and Kiddo waited for the antibiotics.

We gave her antibiotics when we got home (after another vomiting incident, sigh.), and she went right to sleep. By the time Kutey woke up 12 hours later, one dose of antibiotics in, she was a different kid. So much better. Now, if everyone else just stays healthy...

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