Friday, April 29, 2011

Where were you at 2 am?

Did you get up early to watch the Royal Wedding?

We did. Sort of. I set the alarm for 2 am when I went to bed at 10 pm. At 12:30 am, Kutey cried from her room, said she was sick, and we beat it to the bathroom. Nothing came of it. She went back to bed, back to sleep. I went back to bed. The alarm went off, I decided to let the kids sleep for a bit longer. They had other plans. Kutey woke up 15 minutes later, again complaining that she didn't feel well, we hit the bathroom, nothing. Kiddo woke up and asked if it was time to get up, so I let him.

For the next hour, we watched the wedding hype. Well, Kiddo, hubby, and I did. Kutey was still miserable. And miserable became truly sick at 3:15. Ugh. After that, she went to sleep. She woke up briefly just in time to see the bride get into her car and drive off to the abbey. She also woke up to see the kiss on the balcony. Other than that, however, my little princess missed the whole royal extravaganza. Poor thing. She was feeling better by the middle of the day, thank goodness.

We caught a recap of the wedding, so all was not lost. She got to see all the good parts, without the long drawn out parts. Kiddo kept telling her "oh, and then there was singing that lasted forever!" or "We saw the guests come to the church, and then it was forever before anything good happened." He watched just about the full 5+ hours, dozing only briefly while we waited for the balcony appearance.

It was such fun to watch! Catherine was a beautiful bride. Her dress was fabulous. I loved watching Princes William and Harry interact. The carriage was fairytale. I think that might have been Kutey's favorite part.

Did you watch? What was your favorite part?


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