Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Capture My Heart Bingo


When I had extra kids here for Valentine's day, I wanted to do some extra fun games and things. A few years ago, I made "Capture My Heart" bingo cards at a MOMS Club function. I made the cards, but we never played the game. In the time since then the pieces used to call the game have gotten lost, though I still have the cards. The game, however, seemed like fun! So I made my own set of cards for the kids on Monday.

The game is played a lot like bingo, but instead of trying to fill in a whole row, you are trying to fill all the spaces that touch a heart that has been placed on a square on your card. The heart can either be placed by an opponent or by the player. We did the latter. You can use a foam heart (you know, the ones that you stick on things for crafts. My kids love those!) or, for added fun, use a candy or marshmallow that can be eaten when the game is won! We used heart shaped marshmallows, which the kids adored.


It wasn't a fast game. I had to call nearly all 36 items to get a winner. Then I called more to get everyone to "win," at their request. We basically filled the whole card every time. But they loved it. Next time, I might just let them use the heart as a "free" space, and try to get a regular bingo. The game might go faster that way!

I have uploaded the cards here, if you care to play the game yourself. The last page is the pieces to cut up to call the game. Each card has the same 36 pictures, just in different orders. It was easier for me if they all had the same things--the kids knew they would find the item on their card. You could also play by passing the call cards around in a bowl and letting each person draw one, call it, and everyone cover it. Lots of options!

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