Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Great Backyard Bird Count--2011--in Review

This was the best year we have had for the Great Backyard Bird Count! It is our third year of participation, and we had the highest number of birds we have had ever (it isn't hard to get more than, um, zero).

We counted from home all 4 days. Between 3 and 4 seems to be a good time to count at our house. we tried morning on Sunday but saw nothing, then around 3 we started seeing lots of birds. We didn't see a great variety of birds, but at least we saw something!

Here is the rundown:
Friday: 4 mallards, 3 crows, 2 house sparrows (yes, our house sparrows stuck around this year! No hiding, woo-hoo!)
Saturday: 1 crow, 3 house sparrows
Sunday: 3 mallards in the morning. 3 crows, 8 house sparrows, 1 junco in the afternoon. This was the best day we had, ironically, since it also snowed over a foot! The afternoon birds were all seen when it looked like this outside:


Not kidding! See the sparrow in this picture? It kept getting covered in snow!


After that great day, on Monday we saw? Nothing. Well, Kiddo claims to have seen a huge flock of geese (at least 50, maybe 100!) but we can't verify that...and since he didn't count them, we won't report them anyway.

Still, 28 birds in 3 days, beats the last two years! I have read a few wrap-up posts about the Great Backyard Bird Count this year, and I admit, I am jealous of the people who manage to see hundreds of birds in the four days. I have to remind myself that it is still winter here in MN, I don't live in Florida. We'll take what we can get.

Did you participate? What was your favorite sighting?

If you are interested in seeing this year's results, here is a link!

(I never did figure out where everyone got their buttons this year!)

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jugglingpaynes said...

I found the button on the GBBC page. It only gave html for the picture, so I "tinkered" with it to get it to link. :o)

We had a good year too. It was the first year the mockingbird made an appearance during the count. We also saw both of our resident woodpeckers (downy and red bellied) and the white breasted nuthatch came on Monday. I did notice that the house sparrows went into hiding, so that might be skewed, but overall I was very happy with my observations. They were more typical of what I observe regularly. In the past, the birds have all hidden from me until the GBBC was over.

Peace and Laughter,