Thursday, February 24, 2011

Final Launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery

A friend of mine alerted me to the fact that there was to be a space shuttle launch. It could not have come at a better time! Kutey has been sick for over a week. That means Kiddo hasn't gotten much of his regular social time. He was due something out of the ordinary.

So we set up the computer, linked in to the live webcast, and sat down to watch. Kutey was unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) napping, so she missed it. Kiddo and I loved it.


I had forgotten how exciting it is to see the shuttle take off. I remember watching when I was younger. I remember seeing the Challenger tragedy. But I forgot the excitement. It was a huge treat to share it with Kiddo. This particular launch did require a bit of explanation as we watched. A computer glitch nearly canceled the launch with only 5 minutes left. Kiddo was anxious for the launch, and watching for 20 minutes only to have them pause was a bit frustrating. The launch went off, though, with 2 seconds to spare in the window. Whew.

Kiddo loves space, but somehow that interest has been on the back burner this year. After the launch, however, the LEGOS went back to creating space vehicles. More specifically? Space Shuttles. Too bad there are only 2 more launches. I better make sure to mark them on my calendar!

Here are a few links I dug up for Kiddo after the launch:
Anyone else still thrilled by the launch? Any good resources out there?

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