Thursday, February 10, 2011


Kiddo has been reading the first book of the Harry Potter series for a couple of weeks now. It is a bit of a leap for his reading level, not that he is a poor reader, but this is a bit more than what he had been reading. He has stepped up to the challenge quite nicely.

The added benefit is that he is also extending in other areas because of this. He has been drawing the entire story in "story board" fashion. He has a book of potions and spells going. He writes down the spell, what the wand motion is, and what it does. He writes down the potion, the ingredients, and how to mix it. That is more voluntary writing than he has done for a while!

It has also invaded his LEGO play. He knows there are Harry Potter LEGO sets. We look at them every time we go to T*rget, but we own none of them. Don't worry, they are on his list, but he has to wait for a gift season to get them. That has not, however, stopped him from creating Harry Potter scenes from pieces he has. This weeks masterpiece was Gringotts.


He worked on this in between reading and school work.


Tweaking things here and there.


Before he was finally happy with how it came out.


I love how he made Hagrid and hid his wand in an umbrella. I also love how he put the characters in motion.

It took over the dining room table.
(forgive the blurry photo...still haven't figured out what is going on with the camera. I am researching new ones, if any one has any suggestions...)

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