Friday, February 4, 2011

Weekly Wrap-up--February 4, 2011

This week was a quiet one. Nice for the first week of February (I am so excited January is behind us!)

Monday was a day care day, so I had three extra kids. I can tell we have all been trapped inside too much. Winter needs to come to an end soon! Or at the very least it needs to warm up a bit so they can be out longer than 15 minutes at a time! We did some crafting, a little dancing, and made it through the day.

Our Tuesday group ended up not happening this week. Two families were a bit under the weather, the other two of us couldn't decide to do something. It was OK, though. I was really trying to keep my kids healthy for the Super Bowl party we are going to this weekend. We worked through math, Explode the Code, and history, charted our daylight for Journey North's Mystery class, and did a lot of pretending to be Harry Potter.

Our only day out of the house was Wednesday. A quick trip to the library turned into an all day thing. It was nice to catch up with my aunt, cousin and my cousin's daughter, though.

Thursday we worked through some science, setting up our carnation and celery experiment. We also checked in on our other two plant experiments. Darn healthy plants! We're still not seeing what we should be seeing. Kiddo did his math and Explode the code, too.

I let the kids run wild on Friday. Well, not really, but I let them have a lot of free time and space. We did a bit of school, but they also played Harry Potter (are you sensing a theme?) and LEGOS. The weather was much better today, too, so they played outside for over an hour. YAY! We also crafted again. More crafts to come next week!

Next week, we'll do our Groundhog study. I'll finally have all the books I was supposed to be able to pick up on Wednesday. Better late than never!

On the curriculum front:
  • Kiddo started reading a big book last week: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. He is so excited. I am so proud of him. He is enjoying it immensely. That also explains the theme of our week.
  • Kiddo completed his math book on Thursday. He requested not to start a new one until next week, which is fine. I hadn't planned to start it until then, anyway!
  • Kiddo also completed Explode the Code book 5. He'll start book 5.5 next week, too. He wanted to start new books at the same time, and it worked out perfectly.
  • We tried to finish our plant study in R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey-Life 1. We have uncooperative plants, though, so we are still in a holding pattern. It probably won't stop us from moving ahead with animals next week. We're continuing to work out of order. We'll start with vertebrates instead of invertebrates, mostly because I can't get worms, snails, or butterflies right now.
  • In history we read Chapter 21 in Story of the World Vol. 1. We covered the Persians, which was fun to read! We were supposed to play "Conquer Mesopotamia," but we never did get around to it. Maybe this weekend?
  • This was the first week of Journey North's Mystery Class, too. We managed to record our own daylight for Monday, but we didn't graph the 10 classes today. We'll get to it. I have to figure out how to work it into our weekly routine still.
  • Kutey worked on Starfall and did some number work with floor numbers. I have some fun things in store for her before Valentine's Day!

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wdworkman said...

Our winter snow-sleet-slush seems to be dragging on too. Hope you get some good weather days next week.
Janet W