Friday, February 18, 2011

The Greek Gods


In history this week we have been studying the Greek Gods. Kiddo has a fair amount of interest in this area, so it has been a fun week! After we read our chapter in Story of the World, Vol. 1, I asked Kiddo to read "Gods of Olympus."

I picked this book up at the T*rget Dollar Spot a bit ago, knowing that Kiddo was interested. It was a perfect fit for this chapter! It also worked well as the first test of a new system we are working on. I'll share it once we get a few more kinks worked out. I used it as "guided reading," where I get to pick what he reads. He reads a lot these days, but sometimes I need him to read something more specific to what we are studying. And it worked! Not only did he read it, but he liked it. Whew.

After he read the book, I asked him to draw a picture of the home of the gods. He set to work, and finished it in record time. Then he picked out LEGO mini-figurines to represent each to the gods in the book. Once you have picked out LEGO mini-figs for each god, what's left to do? Oh, right, build Mount Olympus out of LEGOS!


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