Thursday, February 17, 2011

Journey North Mystery Class

2011,Mystery Class

From the Journey North Mystery Class website:
The Mystery Class investigation is an eleven week hunt in which students try to find ten secret "Mystery Classes" hiding around the globe. The changing amount of sunlight at each site is the central clue.
I had not heard of Mystery class until this year. If I had heard of it before, we likely would have participated prior to this year! The upside is that Kiddo is probably more interested this year than he might have been previously.

In the beginning, it is mostly recording data. We started late; I have trouble adding new things into our day! We recorded two weeks worth at once. We are graphing the amount of daylight (the photoperiod) each of the 10 mystery classes has along with the amount of daylight we have. Even after only 2 weeks, you can tell which classes are in the southern hemisphere (losing daylight), and which are in the northern (gaining daylight). Kiddo caught on before I said anything. We have also gotten to use our globe to talk about latitude and travel along our parallel to see what else lies along it. Quite interesting.

We are very much looking forward to finding out more about the locations! I am also hoping to get Kiddo to journal a bit of this. They have journal pages each week, I just haven't been able to work them in yet...

Thanks to the bloggers who posted about this before it started! I saw it first on Here in the Bonny Glen and Canadian Home Learning. I love the internet!

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