Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Random Ramblings

I have some random tidbits to share from this odd week we are having, on this odd day, so here goes.

We went to the library today, the one in the next county, the one that currently requires us to drive farther to get to it because the close branch is being remodeled.

Because it is so far (it is less than 10 miles, which I know isn't far for some people, but when I normally have 2 libraries in 2 separate counties less than 3 miles away, it seems far), we don't go often. When we do go, it is because I have books on hold, like today.

Only the books weren't ready yet. They were possibly at the library, but not yet checked through their system to be put out on the self-serve hold shelves, so not available to me yet.

It wouldn't have been a big deal, but they were Groundhog's Day books. Which become obsolete tomorrow. Because today is Groundhog's Day, right?

I also realized, once at the library, that we have books due yesterday. They have, of course, reached the limit for renewals, too. Drat.

So we came home, with the plan to grab a snack, get the books, and head back to the library. The hope was they would have the holds processed by then, and we could pick them up, too.

To give the library a bit more time, we stopped at my Aunt's house. She lives between the library and our house, so it was on the way.

When I went to leave, though, my van wouldn't start. The battery was dead. It is cold today. Really cold. Ask me how much fun it is to have your husband leave work early to come jump-start your car.

We didn't get to the library the second time. Our Groundhog's Day books are waiting there for us. Guess we'll learn about it a little late...

In the meantime, here is a link to Almost Unschoolers. Cute post about their groundhog. And how they made the groundhogs. I was planning to do this today. The book is one I requested from the library. Then we lost the whole afternoon...

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jugglingpaynes said...

But now you can have Groundhog Day again! :o)

I'm sorry for all your misadventures. Nothing can kill a day faster than car trouble. At least you broke down at your aunt's house instead of the library. I once broke down at a shopping center a little over a mile from home. I had to walk home with my three kids and I think one was still a baby at the time. Not fun when your area isn't really designed for pedestrians.

May you have a better today and easy travel! Happy Groundhog Day!

Peace and Laughter