Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Compasses at the Works

The monthly homeschool day at The Works happened to fall on Kutey's birthday this month. When we discovered that, Kutey was super excited. YAY! No need to plan for the day, someone else did it for me.

This month we covered compasses. First we played with magnets labeled with north and south. Nothing new, we have done this before. This was a little more directed, I guess, but nothing new. There was no explanation of why magnets are magnets, which actually disappointed me a bit. Then we were given a cylinder with iron shavings in it and a magnet that you can put in the middle and take out again. It was cool, but we only got to play with it for a few seconds before they took it away so we could build our own compasses.


This was fun, and again, one of those things where I went "why didn't I think of that!" I was left, however, with the feeling of wanting more. Maybe I was distracted. My friend T was there with her three boys (one of whom is 6 months old--babies are distracting!), so maybe I wasn't paying enough attention, but there seemed to be very little meat to this workshop. I just wanted more. I wanted more explanation of magnets. I wanted more time to play with the cylinder. I understand there is a time limit, maybe I was expecting to much. I don't think the kids felt anything missing, they enjoyed it. I just felt this was more of a play activity with little teaching.

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