Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Fun

I love St. Patrick's Day. It is my favorite holiday, next to Christmas. Weird? I know. But I love it. Maybe because it isn't as hyped as others. I can decide how we celebrate. We eat green and Irish, we read books about Ireland and St. Patrick, we listen to Irish Music, and we play St. Patrick's Day games.

This year, I made the games. I thought they were great, would be so much fun to play, and we could spend the day playing them. The kids, however, wanted to do other things. Ah, well. Maybe the games will be fun another day!

I did manage to get them to play each of the following games, and they enjoyed them, they just didn't want to play them for an extended period of time.

Shamrock Matching:
Played like memory. Kutey and I played this one together. It is a little trickier than most memory games, because many of the shamrocks are similar, but not the same. Kutey did very well, better than I did!

Shamrock number match:
I made two mats, one numbered one to ten twice, the other one to twenty. I thought the kids could play these together, but I ended up playing with Kutey. We used dice numbered 0 to 9, using 0 as a 10. The idea was, roll the die, cover the number. For 1 to 20, roll 2 dice, cover the number. Great for the first bit, but slows way down as you get into it. I eventually started letting Kutey roll 3 dice. Then she was more likely to get a number she needed!

Shamrock Counting
These cards were made to play two games, but we only played one. Roll a die numbered one to six and cover that many shamrocks. I happen to have enough green counters to use, which made it more festive, but anything would work. This one was quick and works number recognition and counting.

Shamrock Showdown
This is a place value game. I have seen various versions of it around the Internet. I made my own, because I wanted to be able to put it on the back of the above cards, so it needed to be a certain size. I also wanted to be able to have a place for writing the number after the coins were drawn. Kiddo and I played this one a few times. He loved it when he drew good numbers, but not so much when he drew two zeros in a row. He still got the biggest number, but he wasn't as interested in the game anymore. We'll work on that.

Parts of Speech Rainbows
This one is similar to other ideas I have seen on the web, too. I made my own version because I needed it to fit on the back of the shamrock counting cards. I made nouns and verbs, but later realized I should have made adjectives, too. Kiddo loved this game. It is a nice gentle way to talk about nouns and verbs. We have talked about this before, but we don't cover it regularly. I put the cards on an old cookie sheet and pulled out some word magnets. Kiddo sorted them in no time. Then he got out the other set of magnetic words we have and sorted them. It was funny, though, because he sorted them by whether it was a "bounce," "mermaid," or "beautiful" word.

I planned to post these for anyone to print if they wanted to, but I haven't gotten that far. And now that St. Patrick's Day is past, I would guess the interest is much lower. I might still post them, we'll see.

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