Thursday, March 17, 2011

Random bits

A couple of random tidbits have floated in and out of my brain today...thought I would share. Maybe that will get them to stop floating around!

There was a fire at my local elementary school, during the school day, on Monday. I didn't find out about it until last night. The dad who told me (his son goes to school there) seemed a bit appalled that I didn't know. Um, I homeschool. My kids weren't there. And I don't watch the news most of the time. They sensationalize things too much. So no, I didn't know. Apparently someone set a roll of toilet paper on fire. Nice. Added to the list of things I don't need my child learning at school. It was handled in an interesting manner, too, according to the dad who told the story. Since I don't have it first hand, however, I won't comment.

The kids and I went for a walk this morning. It was SO beautiful. There were a few issues. There were lakes in the sidewalks, which are no ones fault. It is what happens when snow melts in Minnesota. But there were also dog poop mine fields. ON THE SIDEWALKS! It is a pet peeve of mine. Gonna have a dog? Gonna walk it and let it go to the bathroom somewhere besides your own yard? CLEAN IT UP! No one else needs to be responsible for that. Just clean in up. Likewise, I don't care how friendly your dog is, if you are walking it where you might encounter other people put it on a leash. We encountered one dog this morning. Not on a leash. It was friendly, and my kids are fine with dogs, but we hang out with a number of children for whom that encounter would have been horrific. And the owner was on the other side of the snow mound from the dog. I have in the past had to stand between a dog and someone I was walking with. It is not pleasant and I shouldn't have to do it. Leash laws are there for a reason.

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