Thursday, March 31, 2011

A day on a boat

It all started with a simple statement. "Kutey and I are pretending we are on a boat." Really, I wasn't ready to get out of my cozy bed, and Kutey had come in to cuddle. She has a cold, so resting longer seemed good. Kiddo, however, wanted to be up! That is until I said that. Suddenly, he had his own dingy (a clothes basket) fastened to the side of our boat. We had hyper-speed, which Kutey loved to use. After several stints at hyper-speed, it became clear that we needed provisions. We docked the boat so Kutey and Kiddo could disembark and gather our supplies. Dishes, food (toy), tools, menus (to select our food, cause we are on a boat!), books, extra blankets, and extra pillows.

Once that was all gathered, it was time for real food. So we docked the boat again and disembarked for breakfast. Kutey ate almost nothing, she was WAY too excited to get back on the "boat."

Back on the boat, there were a few stops, due to seasickness, but mostly we kept floating along. Sometimes at hyper-speed, other times not. Originally, we were on the Mississippi River, but it became clear, by the variety of flora and fauna we were seeing, that we were on some other very special river. We saw a platypus, a river dolphin, a rhinoceros, a hippo, a shark, a whale, a giraffe, a variety of birds, and all sorts of plants including a weeping willow that was huge! It took forever to get under it.

We also read books on a variety of topics. The most pertinent to our voyage however, was Sea Clocks by Louise Borden. It was interesting. Held Kiddo's interest, but not Kutey's. She made us "lunch" while I read. After our boat "lunch," which included both real and less real food, mommy took a nap while the kids steered the ship. YAY!

It was a fun, peaceful morning. I sometimes need to be reminded that just playing can be so much fun.

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jugglingpaynes said...

I hope you remembered to drop anchor whenever you docked. It would be awful to have to swim back to your drifting boat!

Love the idea. Great imaginations!

Peace and Laughter,