Thursday, March 3, 2011

New wall decor

Even though we read the Story of the World chapter on Greek Gods a bit ago, the library was a bit slow getting us a copy of The Gods and Goddesses of Olympus by Aliki. We got it last week while Kutey was sick. I read it to Kiddo while Kutey was napping. We were planning to read part of the book because Kiddo wanted to play outside. Kiddo was enthralled, however, so we finished the whole thing.


After we read the book, we made a chart. It took the place of making a family tree, at least for the time being. I typed up blurbs about all of the gods and goddesses featured in the book--some of which we knew about, some of which we didn't. Once they were typed up, I cut them out. I did a lot of the preliminary work. Once that was done, however, it was all up to Kiddo. We started with two large sheets of construction paper, but it became apparent that would not be large enough. So I pulled out a piece of poster board my sister had found and donated to our school. Much better. I helped Kiddo lay everything out, but he decided where things were going to go. There were lines talked about, but he never drew any of them in. Instead, once it was laid out, he got out the glue stick and glued everything in place. When it was dry, we mounted it on the wall in the dining room, where it has been entertaining us during meals. It has been a great memory tool!

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