Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Our Classroom Today--March 22, 2011

Our Tuesday group is only four families big. But it is the perfect size, as far as I am concerned. 4 families means 8 kids, ages not quite 2 to almost 8. It also means a great deal of energy. Since our philosophy is opposed to squelching that all the time, we have a limited number of places we can go in the winter. Thankfully, we are small enough that meeting at our homes is possible. No one has a large home. But they are all still big enough for all of us to gather. The added benefit? We can cook lunch together. We all contribute, but it is much easier than trying to figure out what to pack in a lunch in the morning (I don't know how public school parents do it every day!)

So today, we met at T's house. For the last two weeks, you may remember, the kids have been putting on performances. It was clear last week that performances may have run their course. The kids were having a bit of trouble with the "directing." Mostly it seemed that they weren't quite sure how to let each person direct. They kind of all wanted to be the director, not unusual, but it was causing a bit of conflict.


Such was the case today. There was conflict. So we gently steered them another direction. It resulted in many pictures being drawn. They had a shop, of some sort, too. The also took orders for things from the moms, drew the picture, then and and "sold" it to us in exchange for play money. Very fun.

While they kids were doing this, we were making stir-fry. Well, T was making stir-fry, C and O were helping, and I was watching, since I don't cook. But I learned how to cook a whole chicken, pick it for stir-fry, stir-fry it with vegetables and sauce (though that part is still a bit daunting to me...), and make stock from the remains of the chicken. The stir-fry was delicious. And I could, maybe, make it. Productive day!

Plus, Kiddo drew this very fun picture of Quidditch from Harry Potter.
Love it!

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