Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Our Classroom Today--March 15, 2011

For our Tuesday group this week, we had planned to have a holiday party. We have talked about having a party for Halloween, and Valentine's Day. But we never did either. St. Patrick's Day seemed like a good plan.

I pulled together all of the games and activities I have made for both Valentine's and St. Patrick's day, printed off what I needed, and took everything with.

But we didn't play them. Nor did we do any crafts. The kids had other ideas. And THAT is what is so great about this group, and about homeschooling. In other venues, the party would have been forced. The kids would have been obligated to sit and play the games we arranged, whether they liked them or not. They would have done the crafts, whether they liked it or not. But they didn't have to. They got to do what they wanted to do.


And what they wanted to do was perform plays and dances for us. They took turns picking the story (the Nutcracker, Snow White, and Thomas) and "directing" the play. They picked out costumes. They rehearsed. Then they performed.

That is what they wanted to do. That is what they did. No party, but a fabulous day!

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