Saturday, March 12, 2011

Weekly Wrap-up--March 11, 2011

This week started out in a rush, but calmed down as it went.

On Monday we spent the day playing with friends who had the day off from public school. It was well worth shelving school plans for the day!

Tuesday was Kutey's birthday! We started the day at The Works homeschool day making compasses. After that fun, we headed to our regular Tuesday group for lunch and play time. The kids performed the Nutcracker for us at the end of the day, a performance of their own creation. It was so fun!


We finally got to some regularly scheduled school work on Wednesday. Math, Explode the Code, and History were done. Most of that happened at the end of the day, however, after Kiddo was told he could not play Lego Harry Potter on the Wii because he had not done his school work. Work was done in record time, though, once that was the motivator.

Thursday was disrupted by my trip to the dentist. The kids got to spend some time with Aunt J. They even got to go visit her office, which they LOVE doing. We also toured around a new building on the campus where she works. I went to college there and I know several people who work there, so it was fun!

Friday Kiddo plowed through his school work so that he would be able to have lots of free time. He has finally figured out that if he just finishes his school work he will have the time he wants to have to play, build with LEGOS, or read.

Curriculum wise:
  • We read Chapter 26 in Story of the World, Vol. 1. We moved to North and South America for the chapter, studying the Nazca and Olmec peoples.
  • Science took a back burner this week. As much as I love R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey, I find I am having trouble motivating to do it. I think it is partly because I have to cover things completely out of order, which means more prep and preview for me to be sure there is not anything that has to be covered that we haven't covered in order to understand the material.
  • Kiddo continues to move smoothly through Math. I have to make sure I am moving fast enough so he doesn't get bored! That is an adjustment for me.
  • Kiddo is also breezing through Explode the Code. I continue to learn new things right alongside him. I never learned all the phonics rules when I was in school. Spelling makes so much more sense when you know the rules!
  • Kutey has been mostly drawing and listening to stories this week. She has fully recovered from her illness, I just haven't gotten back into the swing of scheduling her activities.

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I am really enjoying reading your wrap-ups.