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Weekly Wrap-up--March 4, 2011

Weekly wrap-up. Probably should get one of those done.

I asked a couple of questions on my blog (here and here) this week that I am interested in hearing your response to, so please click and comment. Thanks!

Monday. Monday is a blur. I had extra kids, which was taxing at every turn. Just exhausting. School was slow. We worked a bit on our Greek Gods Family Tree, did an Explode the Code lesson, but that was about all. The challenges presented by this situation are the topic for another post.


Tuesday we stayed home from our Tuesday group again. Kutey is still easily tired, so I wanted to giver her a bit more recovery time. She took a long nap in the afternoon, which reinforced my choice. Kiddo started learning a bit of Spanish using Mango. I can't say if we like it or not yet. He wasn't chomping at the bit to do it again, so we'll see.


Wednesday was all about Seuss. Dr. Seuss. We celebrated his birthday by reading books, eating a special Seuss inspired lunch, and doing a few Seuss inspired activities.


On Thursday we went on a surprise outing to Disney on Ice: Princess Wishes. That pretty much shot the rest of the day!


Friday was a great day. It started out fantastically! We got through a ton of school work, finished up some long out-standing science, and worked ahead on some more science. Math was worked, Explode the Code. History and lots of science. Good day.

  • Kiddo is working through Explode the Code very nicely. I am hopeful that this will eventually help his spelling, but I haven't seen any of that yet...
  • Subtraction of multiple digit, multiple numbers went smoothly. There was a moment of "I don't like this, it's hard," but we pushed through, and by the end, "This is so easy."
  • We are up to Chapter 25 in Story of the World, Vol. 1, reading a bit about Alexander the Great. I have a few books from the library to read as well. We didn't get to them yet.
  • In R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey-Life 1, we finished up our plant study (yeah, a month after we should have). We also worked on some amphibian and reptile labs--Unit 21 and 22
  • Mystery Class is going well. Kiddo enjoys it and I think we are both looking forward to the longitudinal clues coming soon!
  • Kiddo started learning a bit of Spanish. He has wanted to learn for a while, I have been dragging my feet. But I found out our library system has Mango languages available free. It has Little Pim, supposedly for up to age 6, but I started Kiddo on it. We'll see. He only did it once, and wasn't all that excited, so it might not be what we stick with. Time will tell.
  • Kutey spent a lot of time drawing and having books read, but not much else. She did join us for science, but that was about it.

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