Friday, March 18, 2011

Weekly Wrap-up--March 18, 2011

We had a wonderful, busy week!

My Monday kids were here on Monday, which always throws a bit of a wrinkle into our school day. They played a lot of Harry Potter, which Kiddo adored, but there were bumps along the way, disputes, and one of the boys just wanted his mommy and daddy, all afternoon. It can be a bit draining. Not much school work was completed, though I finished up a few things for St. Patrick's Day later in the week.


Tuesday we planned to have a party with our Tuesday group, so I lugged things along. The kids had other plans, however. Much fun was had by all! I love our Tuesday group!


We accomplished quite a bit on Wednesday, even making it to the Homeschool Science Series at a local library. Mad Science proved to be entertaining again! We also finished up our science unit on amphibians, even without the exactly correct supplies.


Thursday was a day full of St. Patrick's Day! We read books, did a craft, ate green food and Irish food, and played St. Patrick's Day games. We also managed to enjoy the beautiful weather with a walk.

Friday was a great day for school work. Kiddo worked his way through his math, Explode the Code, reading, and chores with lightning speed. We did history, then he went back and finished all the things he hadn't done--coloring pages, word searches, and crosswords, etc. He had free time the rest of the day. Work like that deserves some time off.

Curriculum wise:
  • We finished up amphibians (Unit 21) in R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey-Life 1.
  • We read about the beginning of Rome in Chapter 27 of Story of the World, Vol. 1, covering the story of Romulus and Remus.
  • Kiddo is breezing through Explode the Code book 6. He is on course to finish it a week before I planned. I am trying to emphasize how the rules apply to spelling, so he gets used to thinking about that. Once we finish books 7 and 8, I'll be looking to add in Spelling and Grammar. If you have suggestions, I am all ears!
  • In math, Kiddo worked on measuring length in both metric and English units. He declared measuring his favorite thing. Of course, he declares whatever we are focusing on in math his favorite. It also resulted in measuring the kids, only to discover that Kutey has grown 4 inches and Kiddo has grown more than 3. OY!
  • Kutey revisited Starfall this week for reading. We also worked some math skills with our St. Patrick's Day games. I need to start doing more with her, I am just having trouble figuring out what to do!
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MissMOE said...

Oy is right! That's a lot of growing. Sounds like a great week.