Thursday, January 6, 2011

Boys and Books

Ugh. C*ptain Underp*nts? Really? Is there proof that these books turn kids into readers? Or is it that these books entice kids to read these books, but nothing else? And why would I want to encourage my child to read books promoting and encouraging behaviors that are not exactly the behaviors I want to promote and encourage? Anyone have insight?

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jugglingpaynes said...

LOL! My son was never into books like Capt. Underpants. It was too weird for him. I have to admit that after having an avid reader who would gobble up anything I put in front of her, my son's lack of reading enthusiasm was frustrating, to say the least.

I did notice that my son needed humor above all else, and boy humor is somewhat...gross. I found that my son was happy with some of Roald Dahl's easier books, and also liked Jon Scieszka's books. I say, let the kids pick out some of their own and then convince them to read your choices by agreeing to read a few pages, or two chapters to them. My feeling is that if the book doesn't grab them by the second chapter, it will be a struggle. You can always try reintroducing it again when they are older.

My oldest also made it her mission to get her brother to read when she started working at the library. She introduced him to two of his favorite series, Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan and Alex Rider by Anthony Horowitz.

I hope that helps! I really empathize with your dilemma! Been there, done that, survived.

Peace and Laughter!