Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kids in the Kitchen


Lately Kutey has been asking to help in the kitchen. Not at every meal, but many. She has her morning breakfast tasks, and I am beginning to remember that she likes to do certain things then--cause I have forgotten several times, and that has been unpopular. I often let the kids pick their lunch, so she gets to help a lot with that.

But then there are the times when having her help will slow down the process. I am not the greatest cook. I hold my own, but it takes more focus than some other things. And sometimes having Kutey there takes my focus away. I also struggle to find things she can do to help. I know it is important to let her help, I am just sometimes at a loss for what to have her do! She loves being there and feeling involved, and I want her to have that success.

So, what kinds of things do your almost 5 year-olds help with in the kitchen? Do you have any fantastic meals that kids can help with much of? I'm looking for ideas! Also, do you have any great tricks to keep it from being a messy endeavor? Because having to clean up a huge mess after cooking, not my favorite thing.

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