Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Recently at my house...

Fair warning: The following post contains vomit.

Kutey: Mommy, why is there a bucket by you?

Me: Well, Mommy was sick last night.

Kutey: Oh, like me!

Me: Yes, except I only vomited twice.

Kutey: oh, I threw up like a thousand times!

Me: Well, 8.

Kutey: It felt like a thousand.

There is a stomach virus in our house. Kutey had a rough night last Wednesday. She was up 7 times, felt better, but ate and drank too much too fast, and was down again. She kept saying "I just can't stop!" Trying to reason with a not yet 5-year-old in the middle of the night when she is sick is not recommended. I asked her once what she couldn't stop, and her response was "burping!" Um, sorry sweetie, not really burps. I felt so bad for her.

We really thought we were done with it. That is until I started feeling crummy yesterday. Really crummy. I managed to hold it together until Hubby got home (mind you, I had 3 extra kids, whose parents are not really in jobs where they can just leave). But, once he got home, that was it. I was sick. Hubby is very good to me, though. He took care of the kids until their mom got here (snow slowed her down), got dinner for my kids, put them to bed, checked in on me regularly, and basically made sure the house ran. And then he stayed home from work today. He has made sure I am drinking enough, went to the store and got broth and Gator*de for me. He has even done school today! He did the flower dissection I had planned for yesterday. He did history. Kiddo did his reading. Really, things are flowing well, even if I am stuck on the couch...

p.s. the bucket is a precaution. I am feeling much better today!

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jugglingpaynes said...

I'm glad you are feeling better and I sincerely hope no one else gets it. Stomach bugs are the worst! We passed around a milder virus. Just a simple headache and no energy head cold thing. I prefer it to anything that requires a bucket. :o)

Rest well!
Peace and Laughter,