Monday, January 17, 2011

Random Monday

It's just another random Monday. Did you hear the Bangles singing in your head when you read that? Maybe that was just me.

  • We skipped a play date today in the interest of staying home and trying to recover from the cold that took up residence in our house. Instead I am doing laundry (again) and cleaning (again) and drinking echinacea tea.
  • I opened the window in my room for almost an hour, until the kids started complaining they were cold. What, it is 25 degrees F today, that's a heat wave!
  • It's probably just me, but my house smells. Like sick people. And disinfectant. Sick people and disinfectant. Not a great combination. Hence the need to open the window.
  • In the laundry today I discovered a pair of my capris. It is January. In Minnesota. It hasn't been capri weather since at least September. How are they just getting washed now?
  • I saw a whole group of robins today. Which wouldn't be noteworthy except that this is Minnesota. And it is January. Did you see the temperature above? We are no where near spring, yet there they were, flitting about the trees. Maybe that means an early spring?
  • Hey, I can dream, can't I?
  • It snowed again last night. I feel like we have been getting an inch or so every other day. It probably isn't that often, but it feels like it.
  • I have a bad habit of making tea and leaving it in the kitchen to cool. I then promptly forget I made it until I think about needing something warm to drink, by which point the tea is already cold. Yep, there is a cup of tea in my kitchen right now, in just that state.

Wishing you a good--if random--Monday!

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Carrie Thompson said...

Ha.. I do that with coffee! In fact I keep making myself cups and setting them down and promptly forgetting about it... I make myself another cup and do the same thing. One day I found three coffee cups filled with coffee! My husband says maybe just the act of making the cup gives me a caffeine buzz!

My hubbie was born in Minnesota. In Edina. That is all I know about the frozen tundra.