Monday, January 10, 2011


  • L (5) arrived this morning (I babysit him and his sister and brother) not at all himself. I think he is getting a cold, and is therefore a little "flat," as his mother described it. He got better, but is still not himself.
  • Kutey must be going through a growth spurt. She had an accident in the bathroom today, all over the floor, which only happens when she is growing. The floor had to be cleaned and Kutey got a bath a bit earlier than she might have liked.
  • Her accident resulted in a magnificent scream, which woke C (3) from his nap. He was extremely displeased to be awakened thusly, and had to go to the bathroom, too. He dislikes the downstairs bathroom, but I was still trying to get the upstairs one cleaned up (and Kutey was still there). I sent him downstairs with his sister (7), but he protested and ended up peeing on top of the toilet and in his pants. Sigh. Another bathroom to clean...again.
  • I let them all watch Bob the Builder, because I needed to persuade C to calm down (he was unable to breathe he was crying so hard and long) and persuade him to put on the dry clothes I had for him (they weren't his. He has a thing about having his own clothes). It is the first time in the 5 months I have watched them that I have resorted to this tactic.
  • Kutey has been in AT LEAST 6 outfits today. I can't figure out where each of the previous ones has gone. That will be fun later.
  • My hands are so dry that they hurt. Washing them 40 times today has not helped.
  • January is my least favorite month. This is not endearing it to me any more.
  • Also, it is snowing. Again. Those of you who like this should be here. I'll trade spots with you if you are somewhere warm and sunny.
  • It can only get better, right?

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Anonymous said...

yes, it will get better!