Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Straw Rockets at the Works

Another homeschool day at The Works! Today we crafted straw rockets, which were a huge hit. The discussion points were air, pressure, and how air movement can move things.


The pieces for this project were so simple. I often think "sheesh, I coulda done that!" after a day at the Works, but the beauty of the Works is, I don't have to. They do it for me; 9 times a year I can take the kids in for a fun experiment.

So what did we use? A Kool-A*d Burst container, two straws of differing diameters, a bit of clay, a bit of paper, a bit of tape. That's it! I wouldn't have had the Burst containers lying around, but the rest of it? Yeah, the rest of it is all in my house, somewhere. You can sort of tell by looking at the pictures how they are constructed. The smaller straw goes in the bottle, held in place and sealed by the clay. The other straw is sealed off with tape.

We spent quite a bit of time launching the straw rockets. At times they had to be tweaked, but over all they work really well!

Other fun we had today at the Works:
Building a maze for the Bee-Bots. These are so much fun. This might be the first time we actually managed to get all of the steps in without issue!

Playing in the "dark room." They have all sorts of color and light things in this space. Kutey loves it, and today Kiddo enjoyed it, too!

We also had fun successfully picking up the blocks in the robot area, too!

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