Saturday, January 8, 2011

Friday History Field Trips--Revised plan

We have been doing Friday History Field Trips for four months now, and we have visited some really fun places. I have a few left to post, and I'll get to those soon. We have been thoroughly enjoying the visits, but, well, by the end of December I was exhausted. Doing the weekly field trip in addition to our weekly homeschool group and often another outside commitment (and sometimes 2 or 3!) was proving to be too much. I am a homebody at heart, I was just overwhelmed. Combine that with the fact that there were weeks where we missed our other curriculum because we were gone too much, and I decided there was a need for revision in our plan.

We will still be going on Friday History Field Trips, but not every week. The current thought is to try to fit them in twice a month. The other 2 weeks will have science outings (the Works and the Wescott Library Homeschool Science Series) or Art outings (Art class if it comes back, theater trips, Orchestra hall shows, etc.) It isn't going to be perfect, some weeks there will be more than 2 things away from home, but hopefully I can make it a little more balanced!

It will make it easier to find sites for the next few months. Winter in Minnesota means many place close down. In fact many have not been open since Labor day. There are a few more for us to visit in the months before places start opening again, but there were not enough to fill every Friday between now and Memorial Day. Two a month? Much more likely.

It is also helpful in that it is setting up for Kutey to have an interest we follow more avidly. Right now, her interest is in princesses. Not too many places we can go in our area to see information on princesses. But I know she is going to have an interest in something, and I want to be sure we are pursuing it, too!

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